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In keeping with the ancient traditions of Ireland, Sean tells stories of great Irish heroes

Hapenny Bridge Inn

42 Wellington Quay

Temple Bar, Dublin

Every Sunday 3:30pm To 5:30pm



Some Moments Last A Lifetime

Sean wanted to use this event to bring to light the historical link between Ireland and Mexico. Both have a historical warrior culture and a battalion called St. Patrick’s Battalion made up of many Irish men actually fought with the Mexicans in the vicious Battle of Churubusco in 1847 in the Mexican-American War.

Conflict and fighting is something that triggers our emotions so deeply yet at the same time most people have very little understanding of what is happening inside the warriors themselves. The piece aimed to give an insight into the mind of a fighter as he prepares for battle; the road they walk in their mind, and how they are overcome. It also ends with a message about fear that I believe is important for everybody to understand and internalise.

This short film is a result of these efforts. 


This Is Your Time

A piece made many deeper into the lockdown period.

People were angry, frustrated and there were many stories of increases in drug abuse and domestic violence.

Sean’s dream business had been destroyed and he, like many others, felt the sociological effects of lockdowns on people were being ignored.

 This piece aimed to give a voice to the people who weren’t being heard.

It clearly addressed the danger of addiction that was presenting itself. Yet at its’ core the piece was a positive rallying cry.

It urged people to look inward and be strong, like the people who have come before. 



Lyrics performed over a remixed beat from George Fitzgerald entitled ‘Full Circle’

I’m wondering what the world is coming to

Will we all survive will we make it through

Seeing oceans die, birds unable to fly

The jungles shuddering

As man comes cutting in

Are we ever gonna stop and see the light

And end our insatiable appetite

Fuelling, consuming more and more

On future generations we’re closing the door

To prosperity Why can’t we see

That our young children will be the ones in need

One time in the past we were a tribe of angels

Innocent creatures in Nature’s cradle

Dancing, romancing in the spirit of The One

Now we watch these people down the barrel of a gun

CEOs laughing their joy so mirthful

But sooner or later it’s gonna come full circle

Writing red hot rhymes in a state of flux

Splitting my soul into a coming horcrux

Watching a society about to come unstuck

One day Mother Nature will have had enough (X2)


The Struggle


Never be forgotten


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