Sean Cuddy


Sean Cuddy is a storyteller and poet in the old Celtic tradition from Dublin’s north inner city


Services Offered

  • Live Performances of Irish Myths and Folklore
  • Live Poetry Performances
  • Voiceovers
  • Acting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Copywriting

In keeping with the ancient traditions of Ireland, Sean tells stories of great Irish heroes Immerse yourself in captivating Irish myths and legends brought to life in a spellbinding performance.
Join him for his show in Sin E pub in Dublin every Sunday afternoon!


Sin É

15 Ormond Quay, Dublin City Centre


Other Works

Some Moments Last A Lifetime

Sean wanted to use short film event to bring to light the historical link between Ireland and Mexico. Both have a historical warrior culture and a battalion called St. Patrick’s Battalion made up of many Irish men actually fought with the Mexicans in the vicious Battle of Churubusco in 1847 in the Mexican-American War.

Conflict and fighting is something that triggers our emotions so deeply yet we understand little of what is happening inside the warriors themselves. The piece aimed to give an insight into the mind of a fighter as he prepares for battle; the paths that they walk in their mind, and how they overcome.

This short film is a result of these efforts.

Other Notable Works

Empty Streets

This piece was honorably accepted into The National Archive as part of The Official History of Ireland.

It was created relatively early into the lockdown period, when it all felt so eerie and unfamiliar.

Life stopped.

We had an opportunity to look inwards and really examine our lives. This was painful, but necessary for our future growth. It allowed us to reconnect with family members from whom we had drifted.

A unique, haunting moment in time which will never be exactly replicated .



Soul Journey

A celebration of love. In a way, a wedding is a victory celebration of love over anything that would challenge it. Relationships face many hurdles along the way to that magical day. This painted a picture of one couple’s journey to reach the happiest day of their life. 

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